Website changes + Updates ^_^

Hey everyone!

I’m writing this blog post to update you all on the changes that I’ve done to the website.

So, although I haven’t been entirely active on the website I am trying to incorporate it a lot more into my channel – to sort of give it more relevance (as well as the fact that running a website is a lot of work), the main problem is is I have no idea what to write as a blog post.

Anyway I digress. I have officially changed the guidelines link and updated the site designs to be adjusted to the new brand designs. Over time I will be figuring out how to add photos of my work to my web-host without maxing out the space that I have left (hint: not a lot) to show off some of my work.

As far as my channel’s go, I am so, so grateful for reaching 500 subscribers and I just want to thank everyone who has subscribed to my channel. I am trying to do a video every day in July but I will probably fail (since I can NEVER keep to (my own) deadlines). So, although I can’t guarantee it, expect a lot of videos in July.

That’s all I have for now kiddo’s,

Until next time!

Shane, x

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