About Shane Simpkin

About Shane

Shane Simpkin, Self-titled “Just A Casual Internet Person” is a LGBTQ+ U.K based personality content creator primarily known for his YouTube channel (Also called Shane Simpkin) where he primarily *attempts* to use comedy to discuss topics which are on his mind, this could be something not serious at all. Shane’s main channel also branches onto other topics (or none at all) where he will discuss things such as Technology, Politics, or even just jumping around in the dark with glow-stick’s in his hand and recording it. Examples of Shane’s content include: Save the Noobs, How to be anti-social, Suspiciously Suspicious, Remove Negative People, Trapped (A Poem).

When he isn’t on his main channel, Shane can also be found elsewhere, his two other channels include Shane Unplugged, which is the more calm, personal channel where he talks about more personal topics if they don’t feel that important. Shane also has a gaming channel (ShanesGAMING)

Shane is also known for his photography and design work.