New website design + Return to YouTube

Hello Everyone!

So my website (this website) has been closed for a few months, it’s the longest I’ve ever closed my website (fun fact) but now I’m back and the site is open with a new theme and a bunch of features! I’m really excited to announce this and my “return to YouTube” (but we can get onto that later).So the new website has a new 2017 design, full of features and works with WooCommerce which is the popular shop plugin that I use. The site has been finished for a few weeks now but I have been keeping it closed until I returned to YouTube for 2017 and that way I could announce the website as well as my channel. I hope you enjoy the theme just as much as I do!

So what happened with my YouTube Channel / when are you returning to YouTube?

Well, depression… yeah…

Mental health problems are real and I suffer from depression, on and off but it really hit me the past 4 months, I found it difficult to do anything, but also, when it came to branding I felt that what I was doing was just “too business-y” therefore creating this stressful cycle which created a creative block, however taking some time out to work on the “brand” and my content I feel that it I’m free from this block and can return to YouTube and resume my position as the vlogger I was/am. I am still suffering with my mental health problems but that’s neither here or there. What matters now is that I keep up with all my problems and continue to seek help with my mental health.

I have also come to realise that the brand does NOT restrict me, since technically the brand IS me.

I hope you will stay with me on this journey in 2017, I feel that sticking together is the best option this year.


Okay that’s all!

Shane Simpkin

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