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Here is what you can do on ShaneSimpkin.co.uk

Online Store

Our new website allows you to buy from us! How exciting :D.

Click to visit!


Coming soon, but expect to be able to book a cheap photographer! :) (hopefully)


Support for smaller creators

Are you a small creator, or just starting out? We have a network just for you!

Crest Smalltuber Network

GFX Designs

Do you want a brand design? We can do that for you! Coming soon

My Blog!

Any little updates will probably go here, but really i’m more active on my Social Media ^_^!

New website design + Return to YouTube

Hello Everyone! So my website (this website) has been closed for a few months, it’s the longest I’ve ever closed my website (fun fact) but now I’m back and the site is open with a new theme and a bunch of features! I’m really excited to announce this and my “return to YouTube” (but we […]

New Small YouTuber Network

Hello Everyone, So I’ve been working on a new network for a while, to help smaller creators, and it is finally ready ^_^! I present to you: The Crest Smalltuber Network You may click here to go to the page.

Hi Hi Hi!

Hello There! In case you didn’t know, I’m Shane Simpkin… And this is why website. I’m not really sure what to do with this site, but soon it will be something good! 🙂 I don’t think i’ll really blog on here, but I’ll post all my video links here so you know what the latest […]

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